Nagoya Castle

Hommaru Palace

Request for Visitors

The Hommaru Palace features extensive use of valuable hinoki cypress wood. Decorative metal fittings, and the fine art gracing the walls have been recreated by traditional master craftsmen and artists to the best of their abilities. In order to maintain this beauty, we ask for your cooperation.

  • Please remove your shoes at the entrance. For those with bare feet or stockings, please use the slippers provided.
  • Please leave suitcases and large luggage items in the free use lockers inside the entrance.
  • Please do not touch the sliding doors, paper screens, or metal fittings.
  • Please do not use camera flash so as to protect the images. If you do not know how to turn off the flash on your camera, please inform the palace staff.
  • Please refrain from any activity that may cause damage to the building.
  • No food or drink is allowed inside
  • No smoking
  • Mobile phone use is prohibited
  • Wheelchair access is to the north of the palace. Special palace interior use wheelchairs are available.
  • To maintain an accurate Edo period atmosphere, lighting is kept to a minimum, air conditioning and toilets are not installed. We hope you enjoy the palace in its natural, authentic state.

Hommaru Palace Admission Times and Fees


9am until 4pm


Free, however a ticket to Nagoya Castle is required.

Hommaru Palace Special Movie

Enjoy the magnificence of Nagoya Castle and the Hommaru Palace in this special video.