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Nagoya Castle Map

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Nagoya Castle Map

Nagoya Castle Map (PDF:680KB)

Main Gate (reconstructed)

Omote-ninomon Gate (Important Cultural Asset)

Japanese Nutmeg

Northwest Tower (Important Cultural Asset)

Nogi Warehouse

The size of the warehouse is 89.25 square meters, 12.28 meters from east to west, 8.6 meters from north to south, and 7.68 meters in height. The size of the ancillary gunpowder depot is 13.12 square meters. The building is characterized by the arch structure found at the entrance and the underfloor area, as well as the colored plaster finish in a masonry pattern found on the corners of the building. The doors are covered with copper sheets.

The Nogi warehouse is said to be named after General Maresuke NOGI of the Imperial Japanese Army.

Although the Donjon, the Hommaru Palace, and other buildings were burned down by the May 14, 1945 air raids on Nagoya, during the Second World War, this warehouse survived while holding the paintings on the sliding doors and walls of the Hommaru Palace, which had been moved and stored in this building.

Kiyomasa’s Stone

Hommaru Palace (destroyed by fire)

Hommaru Palace

Southeast Tower(Important Cultural Asset)

Southwest Tower (Important Cultural Asset)

Sword Fence

The Donjon

East Ninomaru Garden

Ninomaru Tea House

Ninomaru Garden

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