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Paragons Dynasties. - Tale of the splendid King and Queen -

Open. September 16 – October 30, 2011 *past exhibidion
9:00a.m. – 4:30p.m. (Entrance to the donjon until 4:00p.m. )
None closed.
Place. 2nd floor of Donjon of Nagoya Castle.
Admission Fee. Adult 800 yen (*700 yen )
*Group 30 persons or more.
Included Nagoya castle Admission Fee.
Admission for child in junior high school and younger is free.

About exhibition.

Paragons Dynasties. By Kano Tanyu. (Jyoraku-den, Nagoya Castle Hommaru Palace.)

"Paragons of Dynasties", known for being the subject of the paintings on the folding screens and walls in Joraku Hall, Nagoya Castle Hommaru Palace, are paintings of Chinese Imperial Court politics that later became a behavioral standard for the shogunate of the Edo Bakufu.

The purpose of the present exhibition is to select paintings of noble Chinese women such as Yang Guifei, starting with "Paragons of Dynasties", and to explore the background in which "Paragons of Dynasties" was established as a subject of painting.

In addition, this exhibit will display all of "Paragons of Dynasties", an important cultural asset once installed in Joraku Hall, Nagoya Castle Hommaru Palace and known as one of Kano Tanyu's masterpieces, to the public.

We hope that you will come and enjoy this exhibit that will recreate the splendid Imperial world that embodied the ideals of Edo Period warlords.

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